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A Six Dollar Keyboard

2016-10-08_15-08-26_143So the last time around when I got the deals email from Monoprice.com, the subject mentioned their new “essentials” keyboard for $5.99 USD. That’s right, 6 bucks for a keyboard.

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On the topic of the Less-Motivated Worker

You’ve probably by now heard the story behind Talia Jane getting canned from Yelp for writing a public letter about her compensation (or lack thereof) somehow not realizing that’s pretty much the worst way possible to ask for a raise. If not, you can read that here.

Now that you’ve gotten that in, read this response from Stephanie Williams, detailing why Talia Jane isn’t getting ahead in life in painstaking detail while describing her own problems getting ahead as a younger professional with a similar degree.

I’m trying not to sit in judgement of Talia here; her situation looks to be a bad case of someone who has either no idea what they’re worth, or no idea how to make it happen. I have a strong instinct that she either never actually had the gumption to ask for a raise, or perhaps she did. This is why I’m trying not to judge: I don’t know. However a few things about these two sagas did peak my interest…and so here we are. Continue Reading…

First goof with Windows 10! Reporting here to fix it because of the tons of crappy “solutions” posted elsewhere.

I run a server in house that holds many of our collaborations as well as our cosplay stuff so that the wife and I can swap files easily without relying on external services. It’s quite nice, and has been in use for a long time. Then today in Windows 10 I get this: Continue Reading…

Making the Jump to Windows 10

Kind of.

I mean normally I cast myself as a fan of all things new and shiny but with the release day issues and general shakiness of any new Windows, it’s usually a good idea to stay wary, at least for awhile. I’m happy to say the vast majority of my fears turned out to not be issues at all, and while not my ideal Windows and not the Windows I’m using on my primary machine, I am overall enjoying the experience so far. Continue Reading…

The Advertising Bubble: The Sequel

Awhile back, I wrote this piece: The Advertising Bubble. Then, thanks to Hacker News I found that I’m not the only one with this piece: Is Advertising Morally Justifiable? The Importance of Protecting Our Attention by Thomas Wells. It’s a bit word heavy but if you can get through it I strongly recommend it. This article goes quite a lot further than I did initially but the spirit is essentially the same: It’s people who are tired of being bombarded by a seemingly never ending stream of product pushing. Continue Reading…

Sexism, Reddit, and Women in Tech

Reddit-LogoSo over the last weekend we all got to watch the Front Page of the Internet go literally nuclear: a bright flash followed by darkness- over the firing of Victoria Taylor, the person responsible more or less for one of Reddit’s biggest draws; celebrity AMAs. This one combined a lot of the tech media’s favorite things: Celebrities, women in technology (though admittedly, Victoria isn’t getting much air time), sexism, and evil misogynists. It’s been a feeding frenzy ever since, let’s try and figure out what happened. Continue Reading…

Where’s the trust?

install-ask-toolbar-300x256It’s getting awful crowded in my sky.

Speaking as someone who grew up on computers and the Internet I find myself more and more cringing at the state of tech these days. I don’t think it’s on a decline or anything, despite the jokes that go around the average user I think is getting more and more savvy every year. I mean yeah we still have the ones that think computers come with cupholders in the front, but what’cha gonna do.

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HBO Now and User Experience

uxNot long ago I was discussing with some friends on how Apple’s innovation has slipped, but in the course of the discussion it came up that Apple really isn’t that terribly innovative. They’re hailed as innovative frequently but really, none of their namesake products are revolutionary, and really never have been. That’s not their  game.

Apple plays the long game; their products are frequently late to market by most measures. The iPhone was not the first smartphone, the iPod not the first MP3 player, and the iMac not the first All in one computer. Continue Reading…

The Tech Blogs Screw it up Again

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find pictures of this damn thing?

So with Apple’s last keynote they announced a new MacBook and indeed a new kind of laptop altogether. Despite the press insisting otherwise, it does have two ports, a USB-C and a headphone jack, not just the USB-C. And like any other time Apple drops a new thing, the tech media proceeded to lose their minds over said thing for the next week.

After watching this circus in my Feedly for said week, I’ve decided to put up some thoughts here on why the tech blogs are crap and the clickbait articles are getting old, and how I’m smarter than all of them in my own head. Let’s go! Continue Reading…

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