Musing about software, servers, and the awful, awful mess that is technology.

Michael E. Kraft

(Phone and Address Redacted)



  • Trained Professionally as a Objective-C/Swift Developer for iOS.
  • Extensive experience in HTML 5, CSS 3 Design
  • Experience in JavaScript and VB.net client side scripting
  • Experience in ASP.net, PHP, and Bash server scripting.
  • Educated in server and workstation maintenance.
  • Experience working in Windows, Macintosh, and Open Source Linux based environments, and their respective tools
  • Education and experience using Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Microsoft Office, Notepad++ and Visual Studio.


Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Web Development and Design

Green Bay, WI

December 2013

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB.net
  • MySQL Server Management (Windows and Linux)
  • MySQL Query structure
  • ASP.net, PHP
  • Windows Server installation/configuration
  • Red Hat Linux installation/configuration
  • Configuration of IIS/Apache Webservers


iOS Developer / Web Developer

SparkNET Interactive

Started October 2013

De Pere, WI

  • Assisted in Automating minor office tasks.
  • Attended official training in development for the iOS platform with Objective-C.
  • Assisted in creating and maintaining code standards.
  • Played major role in the rollout of mobile design and functionality to older, desktop focused website.
  • Maintained company operated websites.

Web Developer/Designer, 3D Graphics Designer, IT Support

Self Taught Skills

  • Advanced Bash scripting, Batch scripting, C++ and Java.
  • Skills in working with software APIs, mainly WordPress and Joomla theming.
  • Skills in installing and configuring WordPress, Joomla, PHPbb, vBulletin, and many other CMSes.
  • 3D graphics skills in the 3ds Max, Maya, and Vue 3D environment suites.
  • Have worked for several years as a freelance IT technician, performing system cleanings and data restorations, as well as simple hardware installation.
  • Have worked since 2002 as a Freelance graphics designer on the Internet, working for many clients.  This taught me how to keep files organized, how to keep accounts for taxation purposes, and to maintain a professional, self-driven attitude under any circumstance.

Inbound Package Handler

Fedex Ground

August 2008 – September 2014

Green Bay, WI

  • Assisted in the loading, unloading, and transfer of inter-state and inter-national shipments.
  • Field maintenance and troubleshooting of enterprise warehouse computer hardware, including handheld PCs, scanners, and printers.
  • Assisted in developing workaround procedures for technical problems outside our terminal.
    • If Internet access was lost, scanners for the Fedex Vision system would not function correctly.  I spearheaded the implementation of additional training for all package handlers, enabling them to quickly and seamlessly switch to Offline scanning mode without prompt when this occurred.
    • Trained many employees over the course of my employment in multiple positions.