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First goof with Windows 10! Reporting here to fix it because of the tons of crappy “solutions” posted elsewhere.

I run a server in house that holds many of our collaborations as well as our cosplay stuff so that the wife and I can swap files easily without relying on external services. It’s quite nice, and has been in use for a long time. Then today in Windows 10 I get this: Continue Reading…

Making the Jump to Windows 10

Kind of.

I mean normally I cast myself as a fan of all things new and shiny but with the release day issues and general shakiness of any new Windows, it’s usually a good idea to stay wary, at least for awhile. I’m happy to say the vast majority of my fears turned out to not be issues at all, and while not my ideal Windows and not the Windows I’m using on my primary machine, I am overall enjoying the experience so far. Continue Reading…

Windows 10 First Impressions

I’m writing this from a freshly installed copy of Windows 9 10. As part of their new way of doing things, Microsoft has released the current builds of Windows 10 to the public to test as they like. This seems to be a new popular tactic, as Apple did the same with OSX Yosemite with the same goal in mind; getting early feedback from the users.

It’s no secret to any developer that no matter how well considered any application (or in this case, Operating System) is, you never know quite how well it’s going to do until you hand it off to your user base. Even with their struggling in recent years, Microsoft’s user base is still massive, and as we saw with the debacle over the huge redesign behind Windows 8, very vocal indeed. Continue Reading…