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Implementing Pretty AJAX

circuitsAJAX – Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. Even in the age of web apps and slick websites, AJAX is still a neat party trick to pull. What’s even neater is the ability to animate with it; i.e. make your website look like a native application. If you can do that magic, you’re adding a ton of awesome points to your site, not to mention making everyone on a data plan very happy with you. Continue Reading…

Responsive Design Isn’t a Silver Bullet



This, I thought, was a very interesting article (as most are from this site).  I had to admit some guilt to myself, as pretty much all my sites involve this type of “mobile” take, which is essentially just scaling down and removing things to make it all fit on a small device’s screen.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually taken the time to make my website do more than just work on the mobile platform. Continue Reading…

Comparing Content Management Systems

Today I’d like to go over some of the Content Management Systems I’ve used in my time so far, and the pros and cons of all of them in terms of usefulness, ideal type for some given applications, and other things.  I’ll be discussing WordPress (my choice for this site,) Tumblr, Medium, and Facebook. Continue Reading…