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A Six Dollar Keyboard

2016-10-08_15-08-26_143So the last time around when I got the deals email from Monoprice.com, the subject mentioned their new “essentials” keyboard for $5.99 USD. That’s right, 6 bucks for a keyboard.

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The Tech Blogs Screw it up Again

Do you have any idea how hard it is to find pictures of this damn thing?

So with Apple’s last keynote they announced a new MacBook and indeed a new kind of laptop altogether. Despite the press insisting otherwise, it does haveĀ two ports, a USB-C and a headphone jack, not just the USB-C. And like any other time Apple drops a new thing, the tech media proceeded to lose their minds over said thing for the next week.

After watching this circus in my Feedly for said week, I’ve decided to put up some thoughts here on why the tech blogs are crap and the clickbait articles are getting old, and how I’m smarter than all of them in my own head. Let’s go! Continue Reading…