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Making the Jump to Windows 10

Kind of.

I mean normally I cast myself as a fan of all things new and shiny but with the release day issues and general shakiness of any new Windows, it’s usually a good idea to stay wary, at least for awhile. I’m happy to say the vast majority of my fears turned out to not be issues at all, and while not my ideal Windows and not the Windows I’m using on my primary machine, I am overall enjoying the experience so far. Continue Reading…

Fix iMac’s Throttled HDD Fan

frontHey all!

To breathe some new life into my aging iMac I bought and installed a 256 gig SSD. That worked great, but unfortunately the SSD doesn’t have the Apple temperature sensor, and so the cable is now on my desk.

Unfortunately, when the Mac can’t determine the temperature of the hard drive, it acts with the best intentions and absolutely¬†stomps the gas¬†of your hard drive fan. Continue Reading…