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Am I Getting Old?

(A quick apology to everyone for the drought, we’ve been through a move (two, technically, since we split from the parents) and there was a death in the family, my grandfather. May he rest in peace.)

Don’t worry; this isn’t going to be some preachy piece about living life to the fullest. Grandpa was about the best example for doing just that on this Earth, and I left his funeral happy as a clam. Nope, we’re going to talk video games today folks. Continue Reading…

Being Comfortable with Limitations

I was reading an article by one Lyza Gardner, published on A List Apart.  This article, aptly titled Never Heard of It, chronicled Lyza’s inner journey in getting comfortable with the fact that she doesn’t know everything all the time.  It sounds obvious when phrased that way, but many people, especially in tech industries, are hesitant if not outright personally barred from admitting they don’t know about something. Continue Reading…