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A Six Dollar Keyboard

2016-10-08_15-08-26_143So the last time around when I got the deals email from Monoprice.com, the subject mentioned their new “essentials” keyboard for $5.99 USD. That’s right, 6 bucks for a keyboard.

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On the topic of the Less-Motivated Worker

You’ve probably by now heard the story behind Talia Jane getting canned from Yelp for writing a public letter about her compensation (or lack thereof) somehow not realizing that’s pretty much the worst way possible to ask for a raise. If not, you can read that here.

Now that you’ve gotten that in, read this response from Stephanie Williams, detailing why Talia Jane isn’t getting ahead in life in painstaking detail while describing her own problems getting ahead as a younger professional with a similar degree.

I’m trying not to sit in judgement of Talia here; her situation looks to be a bad case of someone who has either no idea what they’re worth, or no idea how to make it happen. I have a strong instinct that she either never actually had the gumption to ask for a raise, or perhaps she did. This is why I’m trying not to judge: I don’t know. However a few things about these two sagas did peak my interest…and so here we are. Continue Reading…

Mike-RoweThis started out as a Facebook post. I wanted to get it down to a size reasonable for that venue, but I found myself cutting and cutting away pieces I liked until I couldn’t do it anymore, and I still had a fat wall of text. To that end, blog entry! Been too long since I updated this anyway, which was it’s own adventure and I’ll be writing up something on that end soon. Continue Reading…