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HBO Now and User Experience

uxNot long ago I was discussing with some friends on how Apple’s innovation has slipped, but in the course of the discussion it came up that Apple really isn’t that terribly innovative. They’re hailed as innovative frequently but really, none of their namesake products are revolutionary, and really never have been. That’s not their ¬†game.

Apple plays the long game; their products are frequently late to market by most measures. The iPhone was not the first smartphone, the iPod not the first MP3 player, and the iMac not the first All in one computer. Continue Reading…

Hey everyone, back to give you some useful advice. If you want to skip the lead up and go right to the fix to this, click here.

The Story

While many folks enjoy the benefits of one ecosystem or another be it Apple’s iCloud, Microsoft’s new Outlook.com, or Google’s…whatever they’re calling it this week, the android thing, folks like me oftentimes find ourselves using different devices at different times. For instance, right now I have a Windows Phone and two iPads (one from work, I’m not that crazy). And that’s just mobile, get into computers and I’ve got two Macs I regularly use, along with three PC’s in the basement alone with one more in the living room, and one linux machine that makes the rounds as well. All this means my cloud based data is constantly jumping from one thing to the next. Continue Reading…